Learning Lifeline

"We believe education fosters equal opportunity and lifts people up. It is not just for a privileged few, it is for everyone. It is a fundamental human right."

The Foundation will look to support programs which foster intelligence plus character. We love programs which encourage students to be passionately curious and teach them how to become good thinkers, productive workers, good citizens and happy people.

In 2018 we launched The Ahlsten Foundation Scholarship, benefiting graduating high school seniors at Richmond High School. We are excited about adding San Marin and El Cerrito High Schools to our program in 2019 and about the lives that will be changed because of it!

We created the Eddie Ashley Scholarship Fund in 2016  for socioeconomically disadvantaged but promising students for the pursuit of post-high-school education.  Recipients come from Faith Network of the East Bay and requirements include participation in their CareerBridge mentoring program for at least two years.