2018 Safe and Sound Grants

International Justice Mission

"We have been deeply moved by IJM's role in fighting human trafficking and slavery. IJM, founded by Gary Haugen, works to free the enslaved and exploited worldwide." -Todd and Doris  

American Red Cross

"The Red Cross helps us to help others by responding to those in crisis, playing a lifesaving role every day in communities nationwide." -Todd and Doris 

World Vision

"It is an honor to support World Vision, an organization that provides humanitarian aid and disaster response for emergencies such as Hurricane Michael. Through its child sponsorships, we have also been able to witness the significant impact a small amount of money can have on a truly needy child across the world." -Todd and Doris 

Marin Covenant Church 


“We help God’s people through local churches, who understand their physical and spiritual needs best.”

~Todd and Doris

East Bay Formosan United Methodist Church


St. Luke Lutheran Church