Nobel Peace Prize: Dr. Denis Mukwege

We received a letter from the president of Global Strategies, Dr. Joshua Bress, informing us of the exciting news that Dr. Denis Mukwege of Panzi Hospital, a partner of Global Strategies was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.


Dear Todd, Doris and Melissa,

Dr. Denis Mukwege has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work at Panzi Hospital caring for survivors of gender-based violence.  Though this is something I always believed would happen, it was absolutely thrilling to see it.  I have told our team that working side-by-side with Dr. Mukwege has been one of the great honors of my professional career.  He is an uncommon person.  What stands out to me from all of the time we have spent together is a personal courage matched by compassion.  Though the media has rightly focused on his speech at the UN decrying gender-based violence, the image I have of him in my head is that of a clinician in a long white coat, walking the grounds of Panzi Hospital and greeting with dignity the survivors of unspeakable violence who have taken refuge within the hospital.   

As you know, for more than five year Dr. Mukwege has been our partner in the gender-based violence project that aims to get life-saving treatment to women immediately after rape.  He is directly involved with that work, sitting in on planning meetings and reviewing the project results. He has even shared the model we developed together at international meetings.  Panzi Hospital is also the site of one of our two large neonatal projects--Dr. Mukwege, I know, loves this project.

I hope as you read the news about his award that you take pride in helping such an extraordinary person, even as it is a reminder of the work still undone to stop violence against women.

Thank you,

Joshua Bress, M.D.
Global Strategies